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This semester the second year Kwadaso Agricultural College students will be blogging their progress in the Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship course.

The agribusiness and entrepreneurship course, taught by Ishak Shiabu and developed in collaboration with Engineers Without Borders Canada is currently being taught for its third year. The first iteration of Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship Online Course is currently being taught by Kwadaso ICT tutor Dawson Kwao John. Please stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for updates from students on the progress of their enterprises.

Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship Project Outline

This semester you will have the unique opportunity to publish one piece of written work to the Kwadaso Agricultural College website. This is an opportunity for you to show case your agribusiness work from the Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship Practical Project while gaining valuable skills sets in marketing and online

Working with your Agribusiness team you will plan a calendar of blog entries
throughout the semester. Each team member will be individually responsible for writing their piece and marks will be awarded individually.

Project objectives:

  •  To develop a 500 – 800 word article updating the agribusiness community on your
  • groups progress.
  • To work within your group to plan an engaging content release strategy that covers the
  • span of your agribusiness project from inception to final reflections.
  •  To gain an entry level understanding of CMS (Content Management System) WordPress,
  • and successfully follow formatting instructions to upload your blog post.
  • To gain experience thinking and learning in an interdisciplinary context.
  •  To develop skills such as effective communication, online news and marketing, technical
  • knowledge of Microsoft Word, CMS WordPress, as well as effective teamwork.

Part 1: Working with your agribusiness and entrepreneurship team develop a
communications outline for the semester. Each person in your group will need to sign up to write a minimum of one blog entry, students who would like to submit more than one blog are invited to but should not be scheduled for their second blog until each person has been scheduled at least once. As a group you will submit one blog calendar outlining your communications plan in class on February 24th 2012.
Part 2: Each student must write a 500 – 800 word blog post updating the KAC online community on their progress. The blog post should follow the KAC content formatting guidelines and should be edited for correct grammar punctuation and spelling. Each blog post should contain a minimum of three photos.
Part 3: Templated blog posts should be submitted via email to INSERT EMAIL one week prior to the publication date listed in your groups blog calendar.

Part 4: Your final task is to monitor your blog post comment feed and respond to any comments or questions from the KAC online community.


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